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Growing Blog Directory in Wikology

I have been adding more and more blogs to Wikology lately and adding subcategories as well. So instead of a single category with all the blogs that I have profiled, you can now see 48 sub-categories (as of now) in the Blog main category. Some of them are pretty lonely, but be assured that I will be adding more blogs and sub-categories in the coming weeks. If you want to add your blogs but don’t see a sub-category related to your blog, just add it in. Just follow this format: Blogs – yourCategory. If you want to add multiple categories to your blog just put a semi-colon (;) after each category.  Check out the mini Blog Directory of Wikology here.


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Wikology’s modifications which are a bit late in coming are currently in the works.  So sit back and relax, you’ll see a brand new Wikology sometime soon.

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